Weekend in Salzburg


An eventful weekend is behind us. We went to Salzburg and visited the ball from Chri's brother Horst. We were able to visit Jack's puppies in Bavaria and finally Jack also saw Krampusse for the first time and do a photo shooting with them.


On Saturday we went to Bavaria to visit Monika and Mario Rau. We could meet the sweet children of Jack and Phoebe for the first time. What should I say, they are just adorable. I'm very happy that they are all health. Fibs is a great mom and takes good care of her puppies. All puppies have great families who are very happy.


Thanks Monika and Mario for everything and Selma for the beautiful photos!



On Sunday, on our way home to Graz, we stopped in Ebenau for a special photo shooting. Chri's brothers are in a "Perchten" club and wanted to do a photo shooting in the forest. I had the honor and was the photographer. At first we had concerns that Jack would fear because of the masks and bells. But he was very amused and brought the "evil" Krampus always sticks to throw. Since he was so fearless, we also did a shoot with him and the Krampus. It was a really fun day.


Thanks Horst, Luki, Lothar and everyone else for the varied shooting.  I look forward to a repeat!


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